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The Wedding Service

  Because you have decided to be married in a church, your wedding will be a service of worship honoring God in recognition of the love between two people. As Christians, we view marriage as a means of discipleship and seek to allow our relationship with Christ to form the pattern for the covenant of marriage. It is assumed that at least one of the marriage partners is a faithful member of a Christian community and that the vows of marriage will be made in response to the Word of God, in the context of prayer, and in the presence of a faith community. In consultation with your minister, the liturgy for your service will most likely be based on the Presbyterian Book of Common Worship including scripture readings and a brief homily.    
Limestone Presbyterian Church musicians will play/sing at all weddings unless other arrangements are made with our staff. Music suitable for the marriage service directs attention to God and expresses the faith of the community (W-4.9005). Since your marriage ceremony is a “service of Christian worship,” the music chosen should praise and glorify God and should be appropriate for the instruments and vocalists available. In general, popular music from Broadway shows, television, and “pop chart” tunes do not meet these criteria and are inappropriate for the marriage ceremony. The presiding minister and church musician have responsibility for approving the music used and can suggest appropriate selections.
  Adornments and Flowers
All adornments should be appropriate to the place of worship, enhance the worshipers’ consciousness of the reality of God, and reflect the integrity and simplicity of Christian life (W-4.9005). The sanctuary at Limestone Presbyterian Church is a beautiful space and does not need excessive adornments. Two large arrangements in the front of the worship space are more than adequate. The communion Table and all seasonal church decorations will remain in place and no decorations will be placed on the Table. Unity candles are the only candles allowed, and the couple or florist must provide non-drip candles. If desired, you may place up to twelve small arrangements or bows on the pews ends without the use of nails, tape, or tacks. All 
  other decorations are prohibited. Due to safety concerns and insurance restrictions, aisle runners are not allowed.
No materials of any kind (flower petals, birdseed, rice, etc.) may be scattered or thrown inside or outside of the church buildings (bubbles are fine).
  Photos and Videos
With the understanding that your wedding is a worship service, guests are not permitted to take photographs or videos during the wedding service. Please indicate this in your bulletin along with a request that cell phones be turned off for the service. The worship service begins with the processional and ends with the recessional. At no time after the processional begins is a professional photographer or videographer allowed in front of the gathered congregation. Professionals may take non-flash silent photography and stationary video without artificial lighting from the rear of the worship space without disrupting the service. You may gather for pictures before or after your wedding ceremony.
  Wedding Rehearsals
Wedding rehearsals are customarily on Friday late afternoon or early evening scheduled in consultation with your minister. The minister will ordinarily conduct the rehearsal with the assistance of the musician and wedding coordinator. Your entire wedding party including parents of the bride and groom and ushers must be present for instructions. The couple should ensure the wedding party’s timeliness as the rehearsal will conclude one hour after the scheduled time whether or not the rehearsal has fully taken place.
  Facility Information
You will have use of designated areas within the church up to two hours prior to the start of the wedding and one hour after the wedding ends. The bride with attendants and groom with attendants may request dressing rooms. Please note alcohol is not permitted on church property. Food and drink are allowed only in the dressing areas.. The bride and groom are responsible for damages their party or guests cause to the church property. Limestone Presbyterian Church cannot be held responsible for personal items if lost, stolen or damaged. The capacity of the Sanctuary is 300. There are free parking lots adjacent to the church [use Google maps aerial photo]. The sanctuary, restrooms and the Klair Fellowship Hall are accessible by wheelchair.
The church can accommodate receptions in the Klair Fellowship Hall. There is no alcohol allowed on the premises
Programs or bulletins are optional for your wedding service. Should you decide to use bulletins, our church office can help you in offering possible bulletin covers and making copies. Your pastor will give you the order of the worship service. The text of the entire bulletin must be approved by the presiding minister at least ten days prior to the wedding date.

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