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Mission Trip
Stony Point, New York
August 14 - 19, 2016


  Ten Reasons that This Summer is the Time to Go on a Limestone Mission Trip to Stony Point

1. A mission trip is a time for God. Itís a time for you to change your daily and weekly schedule and honor the One who gives you ALL your time through service to him. Stony Point Center is a place where thousands of people go annually to serve God and grow in their faith.

2. Itís a time to love your neighbor. Stony Point Center hosts many programs each year that bring people together to learn about issues of justice, peace, caring and hospitality. The Center modeled this love of neighbor after Hurricane Sandy when they provided housing for many months to people who had been displaced by their homes. Our mission trip supports a Presbyterian Church Center that teaches and lives out this love of neighbor. 

3. Itís a time to get to build friendships with others from our church and extended church family. Are you fairly new to the church? Are you a long-time church member who would like to get to know some newer members? Church members who have gone on past mission trips remember those experiences, and the people they shared them with, for the rest of their lives. After Jim Millerís funeral, several church members were remembering the time they spent with Jim on a mission trip to Missouri many years ago, and the deep friendships that developed on that trip.

4. Itís a time to serve the mission of church. Stony Point Center trains people to serve the church in the United States and overseas. For example, Presbyterian Young Adult Volunteers from throughout the USA receive their orientation at Stony Point each August before serving in the USA or overseas. 

5. Itís a time to worship. At Stony Point, you have the option of diverse daily worship services offered at the Stony Point chapel. There will also be quiet opportunities for personal prayer, inside and outside. There is a wonderful outdoor labyrinth on the grounds where people can walk and pray. Many people enjoy praying while they work in the garden.

6. Itís a time for enjoying good food. Stony Point center is renowned for its delicious, organic, healthy food. Let someone else do the cooking and the cleaning up for the week, while you concentrate on serving in other ways! 

7. Itís a time to learn new skills. Whether you are helping to finish the arts center, gardening outside or in the greenhouses, sewing curtains, or doing office work, you can use your existing skills and learn new ways to serve God in the church and world. 

8. Itís a time to support interfaith understanding. Many people are grieving the brutal killing of 21 Egyptians Christians in Libya and the killing of three Muslims in North Carolina. Stony Point has an interfaith community of Christians, Muslims and Jews who live on-site and work non-violently for peace and justice for all. They are modeling the understanding and cooperation that the world needs. We can support this effort through our work at Stony Point Center. Photo of Stony Point Center Co-Executive Director Rick Ufford-Chase hugging a leader of American Muslims from Presbyterians Today magazine article. 

9. Itís a time to get in better shape by doing some physical work without overdoing it. People with many different skill levels and energy levels are needed. You can work on construction projects, you can do gardening, you can sew curtains, or you can do office work like stuffing envelopes. You can enjoy walking around the beautiful grounds of this conference center as well. 

10. Itís a time to simply have fun with church friends and family. Participants get complimentary tickets to the neighboring Penguin Playhouse that offers top quality theatrical productions. In addition to doing much-needed work, you will have some recreational time that might include going hiking on Bear Mountain, kayaking one afternoon on a nearby lake, or going into nearby New York City to enjoy the theatre or sightseeing there. 


This Summer is the Time to Go on a Limestone Mission Trip
to Stony Point, New York, August 14-19

What is a Mission Trip? We are called to love God in our words and in our deeds. Limestoneís mission trip will offer opportunities for families with children and youth, single adults, couples and older adults to grow in faith by serving God for a few days in a new, wonderful setting.
What and Where is Stony Point Center? This is one of three national conference centers of the Presbyterian Church (USA), located in the Hudson River Valley. It is a place with lots of green space, large vegetable gardens, a glass-walled meditation center and a dining hall that features delicious, healthy, home-cooked food. Stony Point is a place of welcome for people of all ages, where programs emphasize peacemaking, environmental sustainability and deepening spiritual practices. For more information about this wonderful place we will be staying and working, go to: Limestone Presbyterians went there last summer and had a great time.
When is the Trip and What is the Cost? The trip is this summer, August 14-19. For people who canít take off a week from work, there may be an opportunity to come for part of the time. The cost is about $50 per weekday/$70 per weekend day (includes food, lodging and donation toward building supplies and materials). Scholarships are available so everyone can go. For confidential information about scholarships, please contact Pastors Bruce and Carolyn. Plans are to carpool, and gas costs may be shared by those in each car.
What Will Our Mission Team Be Doing? There are work projects for many ages and abilities. People with construction skills are needed for a variety of jobs. Volunteers are needed to scrape and paint, work in the garden, use sewing machines to sew curtains, stain a concrete floor, sand and refinish outer doors on the meditation space, sand and refinish chairs in the dining room, make new chair covers, trim shrubs, weed the labyrinth, weed around the lodges, office work and more. Our group will work in the morning and afternoon, with time to relax at lunchtime and in the evenings. If the weather is good, we may go kayaking or canoeing in the afternoon. In the evenings, we will enjoy informal worship, conversation and fun activities together with the option to go into NYC for theater and other activities.
For questions about our trip please contact Pastor Bruce & Carolyn Gillette at 302-528-1796 or email them.

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