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Inquirer's Class

  Why do we worship on Sunday morning?  Most people would guess that 
it is because of the Ten Commandments’ teaching about honoring the Sabbath, but that is the seventh day of the week (God created the world in six days and 
on the seventh rested) and Sunday is the first day of the week.

    Why do Presbyterians say “debts” in the Lord’s Prayer while some other Christians say “trespasses”?

    Why do we baptize babies while some other churches only baptize adults?

    What is our understanding of the Lord’s Supper and how is it different 
    than that of other churches?

    Does God answer prayers? 

    What are ways that I can grow in my faith?

    What is the first season of the church year and what does it have to do with Jesus coming in the future?

    Why was Pentecost more important to the early church than Christmas? 

    How can I better understand the Bible?

    To whom did Jesus say he came to preach good news?

    What is the Kingdom of God that Jesus often talks about?

    What is the only miracle found in all four gospels?

    How is our new Brief Statement of Faith written in 1980’s more biblical than the Apostles’ Creed?

    Who was John Calvin? John Witherspoon? Maggie Kuhn? Eugene 
    Carson Blake? Sam Walton?

    Why are there so many Presbyterians in Congress (ten times more in proportion to our church membership than in the general population)?

    Why is there such a high proportion of college presidents who are Presbyterians (one in ten)?

    What is happening at Meeting Ground now?

    What is the latest about Habitat for Humanity in New Castle County?

  Meets four times a year.  
For potential members and members interested in exploring the meaning of church membership; i.e. the basics of Christian faith. 
Presentations by our pastors. 
Opportunities for questions and discussion. 

Topics include:
graphic: black bullet  Why we worship the way we do (an explanation of the Sunday morning worship service including the sacraments as well as helpful resources for personal and family worship)

graphic: black bullet  Basic beliefs of the Presbyterian Church (using our new “Brief Statement of Faith”)

graphic: black bullet  Church history, missions, and practical ways to grow in your faith.


Questions? Call Pastors Bruce & Carolyn Gillette (302.994.5646).



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