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Endowment Fund

        LPC Endowment Brochure  

The purpose of Limestone Presbyterian Church’s Endowment Fund is to establish and maintain an income-producing fund to enrich the life and work of the congregation.

Supporters of the fund provide money, which is invested with the proceeds coming back to the church. Gifts are always welcome and, if they desire, donors may designate the purpose and or fund they would like their gifts applied too. Examples of purpose are Mission, Music, Christian Education, Youth Ministry, Future Building needs or the Memorial Garden. Money from this fund is not used for the annual budget. Here is a current listing of the funds we have:

  1. Endowment Fund
    • Created by Session resolution, and approved by the Congregation, in January 1991 to provide a continuous source of income from Limestone Presbyterian Church’s long range work and mission.

  2. Building for the Future Fund
    • Established in 1991 as the property Acquisition Fund for “Purchase the Harmony Grange or other land adjacent to LPC.” During 2002, Presbytery granted Session greater flexibility in the use of these funds (original purpose plus maintenance/improvement of building, offices, equipment, furnishings, grounds, parking lot, etc.).

  3. Reserved Fund (Consists of five designated purpose funds)
    • Music
    • Instrumental Music
    • Dee Brock Scholarship
      • To support Limestone Presbyterian Church youth in attending church related camps and workshops
    • Chuck Bleakney Mission Trips Scholarship
      • To support people doing service
    • Memorial Garden
      • To provide income to cover the continuing professional services required to maintain the Memorial Garden. This fund will provide for the annual care expenses and also repairs or modification in the Memorial Garden.

Wills are another way to leave funds to the church to be used any way desired. They can be designated or left undesignated for Session discretion. Gifts to the Endowment Fund provide a means to support your Church during and after your lifetime.

The United States government supports charitable giving by providing tax deductions and other benefits. Gifts made either during your lifetime or as a bequest in your will may consist of cash, securities, personal property, or real estate. Your financial gift will support the Lord’s work into the indefinite future. Lump sum gifts during your life provide an immediate tax deduction, while bequests provide a significantly higher lifetime income to the giver, with a substantial portion being tax-free. It is possible to pass on your estate to your heirs, while still benefiting the Church.

Share the blessings of your lifetime with the generations to come!

For more information, please contact:
Pastors Bruce and Carolyn Gillette
Endowment Fund Committee Chair: Michael Urban
Church Office (302.994.5646)


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