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Church School Classes and Teachers

Our Teachers: We are blessed with a wonderful group of teachers who are 
people of faith; many are parents, some are grandparents, and several are 
teachers in schools during the week. All bring to the church a love of children 
and a love of God. The result is a wonderful time of learning and growing in 
faith for everyone.

We Care about Your Children’s Safety: Limestone Church has a child 
protection policy that screens teachers who work with our children and youth. 
Our goal is to make sure that the church is a safe place for all. Please 
remember that all children, newborn to third grade, must be signed out by their 
parent or person who brought them to church in keeping with our 
Child Protection Policy (pdf).

“Sunday Plus” Younger Children’s Class During Worship Hour: This 
multi-age Sunday School class, for children ages four through eight years old; 

  meets during each of the worship services. Children begin the worship hour with their families in worship, then—after the 
“Time with Children”— they are invited to remain in worship with their families OR leave worship to attend Sunday Plus. 
Sunday Plus activities include a Bible story, craft, snack and fun with Church School friends. 
Teachers: Phyllis Frank, Cinda McCombie, Other Church School Teacher Volunteers.

Nursery Staff (Paid) Every Sunday Morning: Our church nursery is located on the main floor of the church, near the sanctuary. It is staffed throughout the whole morning each Sunday—during both worship services (8:45 a.m. and 
11:00 a.m.) and during the Church School hour (10:00 a.m.).

Parents are welcome to keep young children with them during worship or bring them to the nursery for any or all of the worship time. Parents are also encouraged to attend one of the adult classes while their children play in the nursery during the Church School hour. Our Sunday morning nursery is run by paid staff so there is consistency in staffing from week to week; nursery staff are also church members who care deeply about our church’s children. 
Nursery workers are: Ilze Jooste, Gail DeAngelo.

Church School Opening Worship Musicians: Barbara Borleske, Laura Lester

Preschool Class: Our preschool class is for children ages three and four, and for five year olds who are not yet in Kindergarten; it meets in the Psalms Room, which is to the left of the downstairs kitchen, near Klair Hall. This informal class is a great way for your child to begin to be involved in Christian Education; it includes a Bible story, playtime, craft and a snack, under the nurturing care of four teachers (two teams of two) who are also parents of young children:
Teachers: Leigh Ann Hughes, Michele Weidner, Erin Patterson, Alexis Scholes.

Elementary, Middle School and High School Classes: These classes provide wonderful opportunities for children to continue to grow in their faith. Our teachers are wonderful, loving parents or grandparents, with many years of teaching experience.
Kindergarten and First Grade Class meets in the Saints Room, to the right of the downstairs kitchen, near Klair Hall. Teachers: Phyllis Frank, Heidi Hildick, Kelly Graham
Second and Third Grade Class meets in Klair Hall. 
Teachers: Lynn Barthlow, Barbara Borleske

Third Grade Bible Class meets in Klair Hall for four weeks every Fall. 
The special four-week Third Grade Bible Class helps children learn more about God’s Word. When and how was the Bible written? What are the books of the law and the prophets? What are the Psalms? Where are the gospels found and who do they teach us about? After a child attends the class, he or she will receive a Third Grade Bible during a special presentation in one of the worship services. 
Teacher: Jan Conley

Fourth and Fifth Grade Class meets in Klair Hall. 
Teachers: Cinda McCombie
Middle School Class meets in the Ken Read Room, up the back stairs that are near the Klair Hall kitchen.
Teachers: Karen Cratz, Kay Grant
High School Class meets in the Youth Room. 
Teachers: Roger Cooper, Bob Marshall

Confirmation Class 
Teachers: Karen Cratz

Adult Classes – On any given Sunday, we usually have two adult classes-- a Bible study and a class that looks at contemporary issues/faith and life. One meets in the Upper Room (up the back stairs from Klair Hall, or directly behind the cross in the front of the sanctuary). The other meets in the Church Library, which is on the main level of the church, back the right-hand hallway after you enter. Sunday morning adult class teachers include pastors and experienced lay teachers depending on the topic.  
Teachers: Carolyn Allen, Bob Swinson, Others for special topics

Middle School Youth Group
Leaders: Karen Cratz, Parent volunteers

High School Youth Group
Leaders: Renee Elwell, Others for special events



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