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Baptism Offering for Children

  When Limestone Presbyterian Church baptizes a child, we promise (on behalf of the one universal Church) to help care for and nurture the baptized child. 

Our congregation gives a children's Bible to the baptized child and also gives a children's book to the church library in celebration of the child's baptism. 

We Presbyterians believe "baptism gives the church its identity and commissions the church for ministry to the world" (read more about baptism in Presbyterian Church (USA) Constitution, Book of Order, W-2.3006). 

We have a special offering on Sundays with baptisms, in celebration of God's love and the child being baptized. The funds raised are given in the name of the baptized child to help children in need through a church mission project. These special offerings are a way for young children at their baptisms to start furthering the love of God and love of neighbor in the world. 

Our Session has designated the baptism offering funds to be used to help children in Honduras with oversight by our Presbyterian missionaries, Tim and Gloria Wheeler (see their mission web page). These long-time mission workers also work for Heifer Project International. Limestone Pastor Carolyn Gillette has led eight mission trips to Honduras and has worked with the Wheelers there for 13 years (Tim and Gloria have visited Limestone). The photos on this web page are from a Limestone Mission Trip to Honduras. 

We started this baptism offering several years ago and originally gave the offerings to a Kenyan orphanage and school (the "Wee School") that our Presbyterian mission workers there, Lyle and Terry Dykstra, had recommended. We raised over $10,000 for these children through the special offerings at baptisms. Since the Dykstras are no longer serving in Kenya and the school has had some administrative changes, we are redirecting this offering to go to help children in Honduras. 

Please give what you can on Sundays when we have a baptism, so we can help the poor Honduran children in need as we celebrate a healthy baby here being part of the Limestone church family. 

Thank you!

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